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Full text of "Minutes of the 48th annual convention of the Children of the Confederacy. Alabama Division June 19 - 21, 1970"

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/Vnnutes 01 the 

48tn /Annual Convention 

Alabama Division 


Florence, Alabama 

JUNE 19-21, 1970 

NINON HOLDER, President 
Tuscumbia, Alabama 

MRS. M. F. TRIMBLE, Division Director 


"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the 
Republic for which it stands; one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and 
justice for all." 


"Flag of Alabama, I salute thee. To thee I pledge my allegiance, my service, 
and my life." 


"I salute the Confederate Flag with affection, reverence, and undying 



Children of the Confederacy, this day we are gathered together in the sight of 
God, to strengthen the bonds that unite us in a common cause; to renew the vows 
of loyalty to our sacred principles; to do homage unto the memory of our gallant 
Confederate Soldiers, and to perpetuate the fame of their noble deeds, unto the third 
and fourth generations. To this end we invoke the aid of our Heavenly Father. 

"Hear my prayer, O God; attend unto my prayer. For Thou, Lord, art good 
and ready to forgive, and plenteous in mercy unto them that call upon Thee." 

Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, we adore Thy love and Providence, in the 
history of our country, and especially we thank Thee for our Confederate history. 
We thank Thee for its pure record of virtue, valor, and sacrifices; and for the 
inspiring reflection that, despite its bitter disappointments and sorrow, it proclaims 
for us, to all the world, that we came through its years of trial and struggle with 
our battered shields pure, our character as a patriotic and courageous people 
untarnished, and nothing to regret .in our defense of the rights and the honor of our 

Give us grace, our Heavenly Father, faithfully to accent Thy will concerning us, 
and make us all to glorify Thee in a sincere obedience to Thy holy commandments, 
through the merits and mediation of Thy Son, our only Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Let us pray together the Lord's Prayer. (Chaplain leading*) 

"Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come. 
Thy will be done on earfh, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and 
forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us 
not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom, and the 
power, and the glory, forever. Amen." 

And now, by the authority in me vested as President of the Children of the 
Confederacy, I do hereby declare this meeting open and ready for business. 


Because we desire to perpetuate, in love and honor, the heroic deeds of those 
who enlisted in the Confederate Army, and upheld its flag through four years of war, 
we, the children of the South, have united in an Organization called the "Children 
of the Confederacy," in which our strength, enthusiasm, and love of justice can exert 
its influence. 

We, therefore, pledge ourselves to preserve pure ideals; to honor our Veterans; 
to study and teach the truths of History (one of the most important of which is, that 
the War Between the States was not a REBELLION, nor was its underlying cause to 
sustain slavery) , and always to act in a manner that will reflect honor upon our noble 
and patriotic ancestors. 


Jimmy Meyers, Mobile President 

Peggy Farless, Birmingham . 1st Vice President 

Kay Walker, Tuscumbia 2nd Vice President 

Ty Vanderford, Centerville 3rd Vice President 

Ashley Stewart, Decatur Recording Secretary 

Wallace Killcreas, Mobile Corresponding Secretary 

Virginia King, Decatur . . . . Treasurer 

Lisa Robbins, Tuscumbia .. Historian 

Peter Branum, Decatur Chaplain 


Mrs. C. W. Dougette, 603 N. Pel ham Rd., Jacksonville 
Mrs. T. L. Hobart, 1140 Princeton Ave,, Birmingham 
Mrs, C. C. Johnson, 2308 Calumet Dr., S.E., Decatur 
Mrs. Pickett C. Smith, 312 Alabama St., Montgomery 
Mrs. Col lis M. Greene, 1559 West Ave., Mobile 
Mrs. C. H« Lawley, 821 35th Ave., Tuscaloosa 

COMMITTEES 1970-1971 

(Mrs. ]. W. Rouselle to serve as Parliamentarian) 

Best Chapter Report - Dale Foster, Ann McKleroy, Keb Beasley 

Advisors - Mrs. C. G. Clinard, Mrs. Earl Holder 

By-laws - Cathy Dean, Mary Lynn Cofield, Frank Jones Jr. 

Advisors - Mrs. J. W. Rouselle, Mrs. A. M. Grimsley 

Courtesy - Judy French, Denise Foster, David Cahill 

Advisors - Mrs. J. W. Hines, Mrs. Rouselle 

Finance - Virginia King, Ricky Brunson, Dora Wilkinson 

Advisors - Miss V. Day, Mrs. C. C. Johnson 

Music, TV, Radio - Charles Weathers, Peggy French, Vivienne Hamm, Mrs. 

Richard King, Mrs. Harry Terrell 

New Business - Gail Richardson, Deborah Brunson, James Bolen 
Advisors - Mrs W. H. Loilar, Mrs. J. H. Massingill Jr. 

Nominating - Ninon Holder, Cathy Pritchard, Becky Lupo 

Advisors - Mrs C. C. Johnson, Mrs. C, M. Greene 

Outstanding Member - Dorothy Carmichael, Jeana Brunson, Allan Waugh 

Advisors - Mrs. F. Richardson, Mrs. Tom Yeend 

Program - Martha Wat ley, John Johnson, Sue Diseker, Ken Schupert, 

Louis Pierce 
Advisors - Mrs. Cherry Crawford, Mrs. Josiah Kennedy 
Public Relations - MacAdory Lipscomb, Michael Oakly, Barbara Coughlin 
Advisors - Miss V. Day, Mrs. C. C. Johnson 
Scrapbook - Jimmie French, Douglas Foster, Wynne Jones 
Advisors - Mrs. A. M. Grimsley 

Time and Place - Ellis Chenault, Howard Quails, Kay Austin 
Advisors - Mrs. C, H. Lawley, Mrs. j. W. Hines 


(Deshler Chapter, Tuscumbia, was the host Chapter) 

The first business session of the 48th Annual Convention of The Ala- 
bama Division Children of the Confederacy was called to order at 1:10 
P.M., June 19, 1970 by Miss Ninon Holder, (Tuscumbia), Division Presi- 
dent, in the Town and Country room of the Holiday Inn, Florence, Ala- 
bama. The pledge to the United States flag was led by Jimmy Meyers 
(Mobile), Division Treasurer, after which the assembly sang the Nat- 
ional Anthem. The salute to the Alabama Flag was led by Dave Mills 
(Tuscumbia), followed by the singing of * Alabama' by the assembly. 
The salute to the Confederate flag was led by Douglas Foster (Tus- 
cumbia), acting division Recording Secretary, followed by 'Dixie'. The 
Invocation and C of C creed and ritual were read by Peggy Far less (Bir- 
mingham), Division Chaplain, 

Mr. Douglas Foster (Tuscumbia), called the roll of Chapters, Division 
officers, Honorary Life Members and Committee Chairmen. 

Chapters present were as follows; Heart of Dixie Chapter No. 567, Bir- 
mingham; Centreville Chapter No. 444, Centreville; Bonnie Blue Flag 
Chapter No. 571, Decatur; Dixie Grays Chapter No. 592, Decatur; Joe 
Wheeler Jrs. Chapter No. 642, Decatur; Little Rebel Chapter No. 386, 
Decatur; Mary D. Johnson Chapter No. 428, Decatur; U.S.A. Chapter No. 
538, Decatur; Gallant Pelham Chapter No. 342, Mobile; Stars and Bars 
chapter No. 351, Mobile (Director); Matthew Fontaine Maury Chapter No. 
352, Mobile (Director); General James Deshler Chapter No. 628, Tuscum- 
bia;Junior R. D. Jackson Chapter Np. 632, Birmingham (Director); 

Division officers present were as follows: Ninon Holder, Tuscumbia 
President; Virginia Ann King, Decatur-2nd Vice President; Katheryn 
Beasley, Tuscumbia - Corresponding Secretary; Jimmy Meyers, Mobile - 
Treasurer; Frank Jones, Trinity - Historian; Peggy Farless, Birming- 
ham - Chaplain. 

Honorary Life Members present were as follows: Mrs. C. C. Johnson, De- 
catur: Mrs. Col 1 is M. Greene, Mobile: Mrs. C. H. Lawley, Tuscaloosa. 

A report from the program committee was given by Ray Walker Chairman. 
The program was dedicated to all of the C of C honorary life members. 

Greetings were brought from President of Alabama Division UDC, Mrs. 
C. H. Lawley and from Mrs. Roscoe 0* Bannon who represented the Tuscum- 
bia Chapter of the U.D.C. 


Hon. Phillip Frank, Past Commander of Sons of Confederate Veterans 
as recognized and announced that a gift of a perpetual calendar, com- 
pliments of S.C.V., would be presented to each person attending the 
convent ion. 

The reports of the 1st and 3rd Vice Presidents were given along with 
that of the Historian with the other officer reports to follow on 

After announcements the meeting was recessed until Saturday at 9:00 


On Friday, June 19, a banquet honored distinguished guests. 

The banquet was called to order at 6:00 P.M. by Mrs. Earl Holder Con- 
vention Chairman, in the Town and Country Room of the Holiday Inn. 

The Invocation was given by Douglas Foster. 

Piano selections of Confederate music were given by Miss Jenette Wad- 

Denise Foster introduced the speaker, Dr. E„ B. Norton, who is presi- 
dent of Florence State University. He spoke to the group about Gen. 
Joseph Wheeler. 

After announcements, the meeting was recessed until 7:30 P.M. 

The welcome evening ceremonies were held in the Town and Country Room 
Miss Ninon Holder, Division President presiding. 

After the processional, to the music of /America the Beautiful', the 
Invocation was given by Douglas Foster. 

The pledge to the United States flag was led by Ashley Stewart, fol- 
lowed by the singing of the National Anthem by the assembly. Lynn Jones 
Division Historian, then led the Salute to the Alabama flag, followed 
by the singing of 'Alabama'. Steve Sims then led the Salute to the Con- 
federate flag followed by * Dixie' sung in unison. 

The program dedication was again read by Kay Walker. 

Welcomes came from the following people: Mrs. A. J. Buffler, Presi- 
dent, Florence Chapter U.D.C.; Steve Sims, James Deshler Chapter C of 
C; Murray Beasley, City of Tuscumbia; Mayor Wi 11 iam Batson, City of 
Florence; Tom C. Morris, Colbert Post, American Legion Auxiliary. 

Greetings came from the following: Mrs. C. H. Lawley, President Ala- 
bama Division U.D.C.; Miss Margaret Larkin, Alabama Division; Mrs. 
Charles Johnson, General Public Relations Chairman U.D.C.; Mrs. Cherry 
Crawford, Ex-president Alabama Division U.D.C.; Hon. Phillip Frank, 
Past Commander-in-chief S.V.C. 

Response was given by Ellis Chenault, Custodian General C of C. 

The introduction of Pages and Marshal Is was given by Dot Carmichael, 
Chairman of Pages. 

Virginia King, Division 2nd Vice President, introduced Randy Cox, who 
with Jenetta Waddell who accompanied him on the piano, gave a program 
of Confederate music: Bonnie Blue Flag', 'Yellow Rose of Texas', 
' Sombody's Darling', and 'Lorena'. 

Mrs. Earl Holder, General Convention Chairman, was introduced by Ninon 
Holder, Division President. 

Miss Ninon Holder then introduced the guest speaker, Mr. James Jack- 
son of Memphis, formerly of Tuscumbia, who spoke on the 'Confederacy'. 

After introducing the local committee chairman and advisors, the re- 
tiring of colors was performed to 'General Lee's Grand March', and the 
meeting was recessed. 

Following a pool side reception, dancing was enjoyed by the young peo- 

On Saturday, June 20, the business meeting was called to order at 
9:30 A.M. in the Town and Country Room by Ninon Holder, Division Pres- 

The Invocation, C of C ritual and creed were read by Peggy Farless, 
Division Chaplain. 

Douglas Foster, acting Recording Secretary, read the minutes of the 
previous meeting and they were approved. 

Reports of Standing Committees were given. The By-laws were changed 
in Article 10, sec.l, to read that the General dues are now 500 in- 
stead of 250. 

The Scrapbook award was given to the Sidney Lanier Chapter of Birmin- 

Publicity in all of the local newspapers was given before, during, 
and after the convention, it was reported. 

Awards were presented as follows: Daugette Best Chapter Report Cup - 
Stars and Bars - Mobile and Gen, James Deshler - Tuscumbia; Lawley 
Award - Stars and Bars, Mobile; Rouselle Prize - Gen James Deshler, 
Tuscumbia; Mildred Stanford Lawley Gavel - Gallant Pelham, Mobile; 
Maxwell Gavel » Gallant Pelham, Mobile; Set of Flags - Centreville 
Chapter, Centreville; Vice President General's Award, U.D.C. - Gen. 
James Deshler, Tuscumbia. 

The officers reports that had not been given previously were given as 
follows: President; 2nd Vice President; Corresponding Secretary; Treas- 
urer; and Chaplain. 

Chapter reports were then given as follows: Heart of Dixie; Centre- 
ville; Six Decatur Chapters; Gallant Pelham and Gen James Deshler. 

At the failure of the creditionals committee to compile suffient in- 
formation, the following was obtained by indication during the busi- 
ness session; 10 Chapters present; 6 Division officers; 10 Committee 
chairmen; 6 Chapter directors and 12 Elected delegates. 

The outstanding member committee named Frank Jones of Trinity, Div- 
ision Historian as the recipient of this award for 1969-1970. 

Mrs, Karl Holder, Director of the Convention, presented Confederate 
seals to graduating seniors, Douglas Foster, Dot Carmichael, Dave Mills 
Jenny Ricks, all of Tuscumbia Gen. James Deshler Chapter. 

The report of the nominating committee was then given and approved 
by the meeting. The slate was as follows: President - Jimmy Meyers, 
Mobile; 1st Vice President - Peggy Farless, Birmingham; 2nd Vice Presi- 
dent - Kay Walker, Tuscumbia; 3rd Vice president - Ty Vanderford, Cen- 
treville; Recording Secretary - Ashley Stewart, Decatur; Corresponding 
Secretary - Wallace Killcrease, Mobile; Treasurer - Virginia King, De- 
catur; Historian - Lisa Robbins, Tuscumbia; Chaplain - Peter Branum - 
Decatur. The report of the Courtesy and Time and Place committees were 
then given. Although not final, the next convention is planned to be 
held in Montgomery, It was later decided it will be held in Birmingham 
in June. 

New business discussed was that of the cost of the minute books Which 
in the past have put the Division is some debt. A committee will be 
appointed to look into this matter more in detail. 


! st Vice President 

2nd Vice President 

3rd Vice president 

Corresponding Secretary 

Recording Secretary 




It was announced finally that there 61 in attendance at the convention. 
The meeting was recessed until the afternoon. 

On Saturday, June 20, at 12:30 P.M. the group travelled by cars from 
Florence to the Birthplace of Helen Keller in Tuscumbia where a picnic 
and short program were held. The group was addressed by Mr . Will lam T. 
Johnson, who gave a forceful talk on the facts of Confederate History. 

After a tour of the Keller home, the group traveled to the courthouse 
grounds in Tuscumbia where a short memorial service was held and a 
wreath was placed on the Confederate Monument there. The service was 
conducted by Peggy Farless, Division Chaplain. Taps were sounded on the 
trumpet by Mark Sherer. 

A reception was held at the home of Katheryn Beasley, The new officers 
were installed by Mrs. Mary Johnson. of Decatur, followed by the sing- 
ing of 'Bless be the Tie That Binds'. The convention was then adjourn- 

Convention Pages were Lisa Robbins, Dot Carmichael, Howard Quails, 
Dale Foster, Paul Sherer, Denise Foster, Sidney McAnally, Wynne Jones, 
Christopher Barker, Mary Lynn Cofield, Padgett Watkins, Kay Austin, 
Allen Austin, David Bedingfield, Amy Bedingfield, Katie Davis, Paula 
Minter, Joe Minter, Dana Davidson, Mary Erma Johnson, Allen Waugh, 
Marilyn Lee, Belinda Sims, and Shannon Fullington. 

Color Bearers were Ashley Stewart, Ken Schupert, Peter Branum, and 
Perry Hicks. 

Respectfully submitted, 
Douglas Foster 
Acting Recording Secretary 
June 20, 1970 


As President of the Alabama Division C of C, I attended a meeting of 
Joe Wheeler District, U.D.C., at the Wheeler Home in May when Andy 
Barnett, a national officer, was present, and I addressed the assembly 
on behalf of the Alabama Children of the Confederacy, Three members 
and the Director of my local chapter accompanied me. 

I served as Page to Mrs, C. H. Lawley, President Alabama Division 
United Daughters of the Confederacy, at the national Convention in 
Birmingham during the year, and, with other members of my chapter, 1 
attended a reenaetment of the Battle of Shiloh, being the only Alabama 
Division President ever to attend this reenaetment and I was presented 
a Shiloh Medal on a ribbon by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, to 
commemorate this. 

The Gen. James Deshler Chapter, Children of the Confederacy is happy 
to have the Alabama Division C of C Convention at Holiday Inn, Florence- 
I have enjoyed serving as Alabama Division President and have greatly 
appreciated the honor. I plan to attend the National C of C convention 
in Columbia, South Carolina in August. 

Ninon Holder, President 

Alabama Division 

Children of the Confederacy 


Whereas, The hour having arrived for the adjournment of the 48th 
annual Division Convention, C of C; and 

Whereas, The daily meetings have been helpful and instructive, 
therefore, be it 

Resolved, That appreciation be extended to the General James Deshler 
Chapter No. 628 Tuscumbia and to the members of the Tuscumbia Chapter, 
U.D.C., for their invitation to Florence and their gracious hospit- 
ality; and be it 

Resolved, That this assembly expresses its indebtness to the Holiday 
Inn for courtesies extended and the local newspaper for the publicity 
given; and be it 

Resolved, That thanks be tendered to the director Mrs. M. F. Trimble, 
and the general chairman, Mrs. Earl Holder, and all committees who 
have given so untirely of their time and talents for the success of 
the session and their thoughtfulness of dedicating the program to the 
honorary life members; and be it 

Resolved, That this body express warmest appreciation to the outstand- 
ing speakers and gifted musicians who contributed so delightfully to 
the program; and be it further 

Resolved, That sincere thanks be expressed to Miss Ninon Holder, Presi- 
dent, Alabama Division C of C, for presiding so graciously and to all 
who had a part in making this a most successful convention. 

Ty Vandeford, Chairman 
Courtesy Committee 


1. Name of chapter must be on cover. 

2. Name of chapter and year during which it was compiled must be on title page. 

3. There must be a table of contents and pages must be numbered. 

4. General appearance — neatness and arrangement of material. 

5. Scrapbooks should contain in order given: 

a. Chapter publicity. 

b. Division Convention publicity. 

c. General Convention publicity. 

d. Historical material. 

AH publicity clippings, pictures counted as publicity and all historical material 
must bear dateline, name of publication, and date on which published. Illustrations 
such as illustrative pictures need not bear dateline. 

(The Rules listed above are those given in the General Minutes. Please follow 
"as closely as possible"). 


Essays must not contain more than 2,000 words, typed, double-spaced, and 
bibliography attached. 

Essays must be signed with a fictitious name. The real name and address of the 
writer, with the name of your chapter, must be placed in a sealed envelope and clipped 
to the essay. Fictitious name and subject must be typed or written on outside of the 
envelope plainly and also listed on the inside of the envelope. 

Always use the term "War Between the States" in writing the essay and at all 

(The above rules follow those which govern entries in the General Organization. 
Please follow as closely as possible. Send entries to the Division Director no later than 
June 1). 


1. State and General dues paid on time 10 points 

2. Increase in members 10 points 

3. Represented at Division Convention 5 points 

4. Represented at General Convention 5 points 

5. All reports sent on time 10 points 

6. Historical programs 10 points 

7. 75 per cent attendance at meetings 10 points 

8. Contributions to Randolph Relief Fund 10 points 

9. Contributions to scholarships 20 points 

10. Publicity for each meeting 5 points 

11. Observe Confederate Memorial Days 5 points 

100% Red Ribbon 
90% White Ribbon 
85% Honorable Mention 


1. Crawford Essay Award. Given by Mrs. Cherry Crawford to chapter submitting 
the greatest number of essays, C. of C. andcor U.D.C., on percentage basis. 

2. Daugette BEST CHAPTER REPORT CUP. Given by Mrs. C. W. Daugette, in 
memory of Billy Daugette, to the chapter doing the most out standing work, 

3 LAW1EY AWARD. $2.50 given by Mrs. C. H. Lawley in Memory of her father, 
William R. K. Stanford, Co. C, Naval Battalion, Georgia CSA to the Chapter 
transferring the largest number of members to U.D.C. or S.C.V. 

4. ROUSSELLE PRIZE. Mrs. J. W. Rousselle offers prize of $2.50 to chapter 
reading the most books on Confederate History. All lists of books giving the 
number of members reading each must be sent to the chairman of the committee 
or Division Director by June 1. 

5. SCRAPBOOK AWARD. $5.00 offered by Alabama Division C. or C. for the best 

6. YEARBOOK AWARD. $5.00 offered by Mrs. J. W. Hines to chapter for the best 

7. MILDRED STANFORD LAWLEY GAVEL. For second best chapter report given 
by R. D. Jackson Chapter through Alabama Division, UDC, to honor Mrs. C. H. 
Lawley for outstanding work with Children of the Confederacy, 

8. MAXWELL GAVEL. A gavel presented to Mrs. M. T. Maxwell by a former C. of 
C. member and donated through Alabama Division, UDC, to chapter travelling 
the greatest number of miles on a percentage basis. 

9. SET OF FLAGE. Presented to chapter travelling the second greatest number of 

Vice President in whose chapter the most insignia (greatest value) providing at 
least two pins or ribbons have been purchased and that at least two chapters have 
competed. This award will be re-awarded each year and the Vice President win- 
ning it the year before is responsible for getting it to the convention the next year. 


1. MOST OUTSTANDING MEMBER AWARD: A Jefferson Davis Medal is awarded 
by the Division to the member adjudged to have done the most outstanding work 
during the past year. Contestants are judged on their general interest, attendance, 
character, and activities as a chapter member. Chapters wishing to endorse 
members for this award will have their chapter director send a biography of the 
member to the Chairman of this Committee. Frances Steadman 1968. 

2. CHENAULT AWARD. $5.00 offered by Mrs. W. J. Jones, in memory of her 
father, Walter Morris Chenault, who was a son of a Confederate Veteran, John 
Murphy Chenault. This award given for the best drawing of one of the following: 
(1) Bedford Forrest, (2) Founder's Hall, Athens College, Athens, Alabama, 
(3) Emma Sansom, (4) Miss Annie Wheeler, (5) McEntire Home, Decatur, Ala- 
bama — the drawing to be sent for judging no later than June 1. Send entries to: 
Division Direct — an impartial critic will be asked to judge entries. 

3. JOHNSON ESSAY PRIJE. $5.00 offered by Mrs. Charles C. Johnson for the 
best entry in the UDC-SCV Historical Essay Contest. This contest is open to 
High School students only, 9th through 12th grades. Not awarded. 

4. PLANT SILVER VASE. Given by Mrs. Wayne Plant in memory of her mother, 
Mrs. Corinthia Hagan Rayfield, for the best essay on chapter mottos — comparing 
it to present-day living of our youths. 



Director : 



Centrevi 1 le: 

Director ; 



Decatur ; 

Decatur ; 


Mob i 1 e : 


Mob i 1 e : 

D i rector : 



Director : 

Opel ika: 



William L. Yancey No. 95 n -/: p . Srt 
Mrs. Ben Robertson 1039 Rudd St., 36830 

Heart of Dixie No, 567 , n n n ±>~ t 

Miss Vernon Day, 1300 29th St. Nv, Apt. B, 35234 

lunior R. D. Jackson No. 632. _ .. 
Mrs. Cherry Crawford, 2250 Highland, 35205 

Sidney Lanier No. 531 

Mrs. Harry Terrell, 123 Windsor Dr. 35209 

Centreville No. 444 

Mrs. Jos i ah Kennedy, Box 98, 35042 

Bonnie Blue Flag No. 571 

Mrs. C. C. Johnson, Box 244, 35601 

Dixie Greys No. 592 

Joe Wheeler Jrs. No. 642 

Little Rebels No, 386 

Mary D. Johnson No, 428 

U.S.A. No. 538 

Gallant Pelham No. 342 ^ i J • nnnnn 
Mrs, C, G. Clinard, 10 Feldcr Place, 36606 

Matthew Fontaine Maury No. 352 

Mrs. J. W. Rouselle, 1219 Elmira St, ; 36604 

Stars and Bars No, 351 A -^. 
Mrs. C. H, Greene, 1559 West Ave., 36604 

Margie Smith No. 622, «'•;,', r win a 
Mrs? Pickett C. Smith, 312 Alabama St., 36104 

Nellie Guntcr Elmore No. 622 nn ^A 

Mrs. Pickett C. Smith, 312 Alabama St., 36104 

Jefferson Davis No. 615 k ;> ■• 

Ays. Earl Wing, 444 Dexter Ave,, 36104 

If. Johnny Rebs No. 506 ^ •-■, 
Mrs. J. H. Massingill, Box 413 Rt. 4, 36801 

Edmund Pettus No. 588 _ c :■-. 
Mrs. W. H, Lollar, 709 Tramont St., 36701 

Gen. lames Deshlcr No. 628 . . ;-- "l"- 
Mrs. Earl Holder, 1004 E. 3rd St., 35674